Make short work of a long process.

When it comes to deferred taxes, sometimes whole departments are needed that specialise in topics like IFRS, BilMoG [law to modernise corporate reporting requirements], Status Monitoring in Fast Close or legal requirements concerning internal audits.



Everyday in your company: fax machines whir and beep, e-mails are sent, opened and deleted, dozens of Excel tables have to be created. The problem is that your employees collect in this manner throughout the Group Sales Tax!



To ensure the proper functioning of this method, a pilot phase was carried out by the Federal Ministry of Finance – where AMANA consulting was allowed to participate due to the years of expertise in XBRL. The result is the tax accounting tool SmartTaxBalance.


Change for
a change.

Why do you lease vehicles, machinery and tools? Very simply: because it is more efficient, flexible and enables you to save money. And now can you tell us why you use the tools that are inefficient, inflexible and expensive?


Heaving a clear head is just a click away.

Regarding content and formality, information has to be one hundred percent correct and consistent in compliance with the regulations. Additionally changes need to be included and validated in the running process, even shortly before your publication.

New module for direct evaluation of line items from the SAP

AMANA products, such as the VAT@GTC work with data that have been imported to the local database via SAP standard reports

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SmartNotes and firesys: the best combination for your financial reporting

The interface to firesys integrated in SmartNotes allows you to produce print-ready financial publications

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The ‘digital financial reporting’ follows the E-Bilanz

The project ELBA [Elektronische Bilanzabgabe] is a part of ‘digital agenda’ of the federal government and is intended to

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Financial reporting 2.0: the Financial Market Supervisory Authority relies on XBRL

The FMA decided to carry out the European capital requirements directive CRD IV [banks] and Solvency II [insurance] with XBRL

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Save the date: AMANA User Conference 2017

The date for the tenth AMANA User Conference is now fixed

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SmartNotes webinars in September

AMANA offers cost-efficient training [and refresher courses] for the SmartNotes application

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Futuristic Popup-Engine


Futuristic Popup-Engine