Make short work of a long process.

When it comes to deferred taxes, sometimes whole departments are needed that specialise in topics like IFRS, BilMoG (law to modernise corporate reporting requirements), Status Monitoring in Fast Close or legal requirements concerning internal audits.



Everyday in your company: fax machines whir and beep, e-mails are sent, opened and deleted, dozens of Excel tables have to be created. The problem is that your employees collect in this manner throughout the Group Sales Tax!



To ensure the proper functioning of this method, a pilot phase was carried out by the Federal Ministry of Finance – where AMANA consulting was allowed to participate due to the years of expertise in XBRL. The result is the tax accounting tool SmartTaxBalance.


Change for
a change.

Why do you lease vehicles, machinery and tools? Very simply: because it is more efficient, flexible and enables you to save money. And now can you tell us why you use the tools that are inefficient, inflexible and expensive?


Heaving a clear head is just a click away.

Regarding content and formality, information has to be one hundred percent correct and consistent in compliance with the regulations. Additionally changes need to be included and validated in the running process, even shortly before your publication.

Webinar: Leasing integrated with GlobalLeaseCenter

GlobalLeaseCenter is a standard solution of AMANA consulting GmbH, to consider leasing issues efficient and effective due to IFRS.

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Starting in 2020 IFRS Financial Reports have to be filed in XBRL format

ESMA's new revolutionary requirement, the "European Single Electronic Format" (ESEF), will replace the analogous world of the annual financial reports from 2020 onwards.

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MiFID/MiFIR Solutions – Supporting the Transformation of the European Securities Market

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) of 2004 is a European Union law which aims to improve and harmonize regulation for investment services.

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Webinar - Leasing integrated with GlobalLeaseCenter

Leasing integrated with GlobalLeaseCenter. Please join at April 5th, 2017 starting 2 pm.

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Multi-Currency Reporting in FINREP|COREP Taxonomy 2.5

The new EBA taxonomy version 2.5 will be used for reference dates from 31 December 2016 onwards

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New Reporting: Local GAAP and individual Banks are mandated to report FINREP

So far the FINREP has been mandatory only for establishments using the IFRS accounting standards on consolidated financial reports

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