IFRS 16 in the GLC - Series for Users and Interested People: Disclosures

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Webinar description:

IFRS 16 requires quantitative disclosures in the notes, such as maturity analyses for lease liabilities and information on future cash outflows. In our webinar "Notes" of our series "IFRS 16 in the GLC - Series for Users and Interested People" we briefly explain the IFRS 16 requirements and demonstrate how these disclosures can be generated in the GlobalLeaseCenter. Practical examples will be used to illustrate how the notes are generated. In this context we would like to share our practical experience with you and give the participants room for an exchange of ideas.

The GlobalLeaseCenter is a comfortable standard solution of AMANA to represent leasing matters effectively and efficiently on the basis of the accounting standard IFRS 16. The GlobalLeaseCenter offers the possibility to generate the mandatory quantitative disclosures in the notes at individual company level or at group level.


The webinar will be held in English by Eva-Maria Kuhlmann.


AMANA uses "WebEx". The video content will be shared via web, the audio content will be shared via phone. Attendees may ask questions und it would be even possible the shares their screen if needed.

The webinar is free of charge.

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Do not hesitate to ask us in case of questions: @ info[at]amana.de or T +49 201 94622 800.

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