Since the year 2014 ...

... reporting to the Bundesbank must be done according to the financial information regulations. For this aim Bundesbank has developed an XML Schema which the companies must keep to when creating reports in XML format.

Our company offers AMANA FinaV XML, an easy and user-friendly solution for FinaV report creation and validation. The following functions are available:

  • Report creation: one delivery file within different forms e.g. GVKIP, GVKI and SAKI.
  • Excel import: just with the push of a button form data can be imported from Excel. AMANA provides ready-made Excel templates.
  • Report Validation: can also be done with the push of a button.
  • Print view and already existing reports are available: even already sent reports can be easily viewed and validated.
  • Possibility of direct forwarding to Bundesbank via ExtraNET interface.

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