Over and over again group companies have to submit their data to the parent company. In practice, this often takes the form of Excel-based Reporting Packages. This process usually has the following characteristics:

  • Time-consuming manual process of data collection at group level
  • No automation, limited number of controls - > error-proneness
  • Manual maintenance of data with a large number of data sources / pre-systems
  • Manual consistency check and ad hoc corrections
  • Manual management of various Office documents
  • Parallel processing of documents by different users
  • Currency conversion
  • Approval process and permissions

All these characteristics can be improved and simplified using the GIS. This makes the GIS one of the most important constituents of the group-wide information management. GIS can be used everywhere where a fast decentralised collection of information and its timely central analysis is required. In addition to quantitative data collection, our product enables a dynamic query of qualitative information and file attachments. Data is evaluated in Excel which allows you to generate flexible and customisable reports at the push of a button.

The GlobalInformationSystem has been successfully implemented in the following areas:

It supports you through the whole process:

  • Workflow support through milestones and calendar
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Automated e-mail notifications at maturity
  • Structured data collection
  • Easy data import from pre-systems to avoid double entries and validate values
  • Dynamically controlled customisable questionnaires
  • Adjustable to group and reporting structures
  • Input validation
  • Automated currency conversion
  • Validations and checks
  • Mandatory fields

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