The new IFRS leasing standard obligatory for all IFRS companies as of 1.1.2019 fundamentally changes the lease accounting process. According to this new standard almost all rental and lease agreements have to be registered in the balance sheet.

The new leasing standard will not only have an impact on balance sheet, income statement and leasing notes but also on your processes.

Lease accounting is based on group contracts that have to be continually reworked and used for calculations and posting. Excel is unable to perform all these tasks.

AMANA consulting proudly presents GlobalLeaseCenter, a web-based cloud capable leasing tool that facilitates lease contracts calculations and posting. In addition GlobalLeaseCenter helps to manage your contracts, administer reporting and controlling, for example, lease or buy decision.

Take advantage of this field-proven standard tool that can be integrated into your system landscape.

Contract management:

  • Contract analysis support
  • Extensive contract management functions
  • Interactive maintenance of contract data including reminder
  • Controlling process support – maintenance of contract portfolio
  • Possibility of lease or buy decision
  • Connection to OCR processes
  • Fully automated contract master data import and manual maintenance
  • Multilingual
  • Detailed logging of all changes in the contract portfolio
  • Mass data processing

Lease accounting and controlling:

  • Current IAS 17 and future IFRS 16 leasing standard
  • Consideration of lessee’s and lessor’s accounting and controlling
  • Fully automated contract classification
  • Automatic contract assessment as basis for correct accounting
  • Full transparency of interest and repayment schedules; exact to the day
  • Flexible transaction plans have individual posting logic
  • Posting map for automatic processing in the general ledger
  • Decided reporting, also for controlling purposes and leasing notes
  • High data quality due to plausibility check and validation
  • Planning and simulation

Technical characteristics:

  • Central database
  • Scalable system that can be adjusted to your contract volume and number of users
  • Web platform, compatible with all current systems
  • Standard app adjustable to individual requirements

Curious? Then take a look at the product flyer.


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