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The AMANA Tax Portal is a comprehensive solution for your tax department. With a track record of more than 15 years and more than 150 installation including DAX (50% of the DAC30 companies use Amana tools), SMI and CAC40 companies, the GlobalTaxCenter is widely used throughout the GSA region and Europe. With its modular set up, it covers a number of tasks in the area of tax reporting and tax compliance.

Optimise your tax processes with our web-based application for tax accounting, tax compliance and tax management.

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GTC-Modul Tax Accounting

  • Integration of current and deferred tax calculation within one tool, focussing on group structure and the flexible configuration of country and entity specific parameter (i.e. tax group setup, individual tax rates, levies, netting, etc)
  • Leading Tax accounting tool in the GSA Region
  • Offer various import and automation opportunities
  • Multi language support, i.e. English
  • Fully automated balance sheet comparison dialogue, to determine the temporary and non-temporary differences and the resulting deferred taxes
  • Automated ETR calculation
  • IAS 12 Disclosures
  • Automated currency Translation
  • Aggregation and Consolidation of group data, including currency translation
  • Flexible data analysis via the internal reporting engine and interfaces to different BI-systems
  • Various documentation options, including the option to create and add individual Excel calculations yourself
  • ETR Analysis
  • Process flow based on milestones, including monitoring functionality and four eyes principle
  • Flexible Rights and Roles
  • Calculation of current taxes for Germany and Switzerland (Austria will become available in the second half of 2020) and the option to create country specific calculation forms (Toolbox)
  • Automated calculation for German Tax Groups
  • Direct Interfaces to consolidation and accounting systems
  • Loss carry forward management, role forward of NOL
  • Automated reflection of tax rate changes
  • Automated netting of deferred taxes
  • Supporting of groups, sub-groups, tax groups, etc.
  • Reporting on group level with drill-down to individual legal entities

Central monitoring of the process via mile stone overview

GTC-Modul Tax Planning

The planning module helps you to budget your current and deffered taxes throughout the group. It allows for the calculation of an estimated overall tax rate as well as separate calculation of deffered and current tax rate.

It allows for easy application of IAS 34 either on company or group level.

  • Planning in accordance with IAS 34 (for example, with the recognition of discrete items)
  • The timeframe for the planning periods is configurable, so that multiple years can be considered
  • Tax loss utilisation can be simulated
  • Option for the recognition of deferred taxes, based on the balance sheet approach or the p/l approach
  • Separate calculation models for deffered and current taxes
  • ETR calculation and analyses
  • Group Aggregation and currency translation
  • Can be interfaces to your planning system

GTC-Modul Tax Return

The Tax Return Modul allows the integration of your filings for Germany and Switzerland in the Accounting process. (Austrian Filing on the way)

GTC provides the official tax forms for electronic tax filing via ELSTER.

  • The GlobalTaxCenter covers corporate, local and capital gains taxes
  • This includes group tax specific like § 8b KStG
  • Additional comfort functions for the tax calculation, like snapshots to record different stages of the process
  • Automation: Import of p/l accounts from other systems (SAP, Oracle, SmartTaxBalance, etc.) directly into individual lines within the tax forms
  • The tax calcultion is linked into the year end closing and the tax filing process, including true up effects

GTC-Modul Tax Questionnaire

The questionnaire provides a system to collect and analyse different kind of quantitative and qualitative tax-information on a global level. Therefore, this manual data collection via Excel and email is obsolete. The set up will be tailored to your companies needs. No matter is you only ask 50 or a couple of hundred questions, the questionnaire allows for easy reporting and analysis.

  • The data collection is done via pre-defined and group specific dialogue
  • The user is free to setup the questionnaire, using all different kind of question and answer options
  • The questionnaire also provides an email functionality, to update the respective users about deadlines and other news
  • The report-generator allows for an entity specific flexible data analysis
  • Achieve functionality to provide for plan-is comparisons
  • Data analysis in regards to planning for budgets and net DTA positions
  • Supporting Documentation can be added via attachments
  • Currency translation is included in the reports
  • Structured interactive set up
  • Mandatory fields can be defined
  • Copy of Masterdata e.g. addresses or tax numbers from prior periods
  • Etc.

GTC-Modul Tax Risk Management

The tax risk module gives you an overview of all risks and according counter measures in one risk repository.

The tool is based on a scoping approach, focussing on the most relevant risks, and caters for:

  • Easy accessibility and transparent data collection
  • Quick access to current and historic data
  • Flexible analyses, utilising the Report Generator
  • Enforcing deadline, using warnings and automated emails

The module provides

  • An overview over risks and associated actions
  • A risk-matrix
  • Access to information, via dashboards and reports
  • Access-control, utilising the integrated user and roles concept
  • Distinction of risk in the areas risk, tax audit and tax litigation
  • Supporting documentation
  • Different scenarios

GTC-Modul Tax Compliance

The Tax Compliance Modul allows you to define standard processes for recording, documenting and controlling deadlines or payment dates for all types of taxes.

Further structured process can be easily rolled out by country and tax. A calendar as well as dash boards help in your day to day work.

  • Status of all group wide processes with one click
  • For all taxes (VAT, Income taxes, Wages, etc.)
  • ToDo list and status monitoring for every user
  • Colour based warning system, including notifications, email
  • Flexible and customisable reports
  • Supports the work-flow via to do lists and dashboards
  • Review function/sign off and ad hoc reports
  • Attachments by tasks, e.g. PDF of Filing
  • Data import from ERP system
  • Four eyes principle / compliance monitoring
  • Independent of changes in persons in charge, absence of staff, changes in advisers

Further modules of our Tax Portal are our TaxBalance Tool SmartTaxBalance, our CbC Filing Tool, DAC 6 or our VAT Moduls.

Our Implementation Team consist of tax experts as well as technical experts with tax knowledge. In addition, we have a network of professional implementation partners. Please see the partner section on our website for further information.

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