New ESEF and Disclosure Management partnership with Italian IT consultancy B&B Soft

B&B Soft offers consulting services for the development of IT management information systems. The Italian company works with SAP systems in the administrative departments for the preparation of annual financial statements. B&B Soft has been active in the XBRL sector since 2007 and has expanded its product range with Disclosure Management Systems since 2014.

Through the partnership AMANA hopes to penetrate the Italian market with the help of B&B Soft. The networking in the Southern European market as well as the long experience with XBRL systems makes B&B Soft one of our strongest partners. In addition, the Italian IT consulting company has a high level of expertise in the integration and automation of financial data and annual financial statements.

ESEF Reporting with the XBRL Tagger and Disclosure Management SmartNotes

The cooperation focuses on our two ESEF solutions. The stand-alone solution, the XBRL Tagger, guarantees ESEF-compliant reporting within the shortest time, without an implementation project. Any data formats, all taxonomies and languages as well as any MS Word, PDF, HTML or InDesign documents can be processed. For larger companies our Disclosure Management, SmartNotes, is available with the integrated XBRL Tagger. SmartNotes increases the efficiency in the creation of annual reports and iXBRL messages in the end-to-end process. We support you from the first data import from the consolidation system to the print-ready layout.

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