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A sustainable and reliable partnership is the key to success. As one of the leading providers in the D-A-CH region for software solutions in the areas of taxes, accounting and controlling, we know how important a trustful cooperation with our partners is.

We work with partners with a wide range all over Europe – ranging from renowned auditing and consulting firms to established financial performance management consultancy with our innovative ESEF and disclosure management softwares. In the future we want to continue to grow and expand our partner network worldwide.

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Our partners.


Addedo is the leading software reseller and financial performance management consultancy in Sweden. With its experienced +45 application consultants they support processes like statutory consolidation, regulatory reporting, financial reporting, planning, budgeting and analysis. Its well over 250 customers rely on Addedo.


Finvision - Talent, Oversight and Insight

Finvision, located in Belgium, supports customers with consolidation, IFRS, XBRL and reporting solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness and provide oversight and insight the accounting and reporting processes. We can help you from improving to fully outsourcing your consolidation process, understanding and implementation of IFRS and implementing and automating your reporting process incuding XBRL financial statements (ESEF and SEC). Our solutions combine our expertise in the subject matters together with powerful tools such as AMANA IFRS 16 GlobalLeaseCenter, GlobalTaxCenter, SmartNotes, WordTagger and Cognos controller.


LucaNet AG - for financiale data you can rely on

With LucaNet software, you can carry out financial consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis at the push of a button and get a holistic view of your key indicators. As the market leader in Financial Performance Management, over 2,300 customers worldwide benefit from our user-friendly softwre an expert advice.


Deloitte - Tax Management Consulting

Deloitte supports clients redesigning their processes and selecting the most suitable technology solutions with the aim of improving their efficiency and to achieve more effectiveness. We redesign and develop comprehensive tax data models, use both ERP-functionalities and specific third party tax tools and follow a technology-agnostic approach. We focus on tax accounting-/tax reporting-, tax return preparation- and filing, tax audit-, transfer pricing-, tax compliance- and risk management and tax data management processes for all tax types. Our vision is to be the market leader in tax data models and tax processes and to be the leading implementer of best-practice third-party technology solutions. As a rule, we generally do not develop proprietary tax applications for the market. With this approach, we allow our clients to focus on their business activities and enable them to support their processes with the best technology solutions.



SmartCon is an independent consulting company providing advisory services, implementation and development of performance management and business analysis applications to the biggest Polish and European groups of companies. We focus on resolving reporting issues by delivering solutions that guarantee “one version of the truth”.
Our mission is to provide solutions that maximize the utilization of information technology in all processes of planning, analysis and reporting of financial and operational information for business.
We help our Customers optimally process the financial and operating information in the company, which allows generating and providing fast and reliable business information. We only take on projects we can guarantee customers to satisfactory complete. We support the business processes with software solutions by providing the tools to effectively and efficiently respond to customer needs.



AUDIFINA is sustainable, innovative, reliable and experienced company, providing audit, accounting, tax compliance and consultancy services since 2002. Our team consists of 40+ qualified professionals working to analyze the changing environment, identify the opportunities thus helping our clients to act ahead and lead with confidence. According to the income of 2019, we are the largest Lithuanian capital audit and accounting company. Cooperation with AMANA and access to its quality solutions will enable us to deliver additional services to our clients in the Baltics, automating the consolidation process and creating XBRL financial reports.


Arkk Solutions

Arrk solutions was founded in 2009 and creates tax digital and reporting solutions. Arkk uses the AMANA XBRL Tagger for ESEF tagging. Jenni Himsley (CFO) said:

"Arkk use Amana´s software to provide an outsourced iXBRL tagging service, the software is easy to use and intuitive for both the user and reviewer. The team at Amana have been very responsive at incorporating feedback into the software and have been great to work with. We have received some super feedback on the iXBRL output, from a number of our clients, especially around the ease of review."


Balkan Services

Balkan Services is a consulting company providing business software implementation services for complete enterprise business process management with a focus on BI, ERP, FPM, Disclosure Management solutions and IT support.

Since its founding in 2006, the company has successfully completed over 640 projects for more than 270 customers, including integrations with more than 150 different systems. Balkan Services’ clients are primarily medium and large organizations in the following industries: wholesale and retail, manufacturing, finance and insurance, services, and pharmacy.

Balkan Services is a reliable partner that is well aware of the challenges their clients face and helps them find the way towards digital transformation and business growth.



B&B Soft supplies consultancy in the development of IT Italian management information systems.

We work with the SAP system in the administrative processes for the establishment of financial statements.

Since 2007 we’ve gained a deep experience with the XBRL international language developing in 2009 the BIL-X solution that is now at the 3.0 version and is employed by important Italian companies. In 2012 and 2013 we took part in the experimental project of new XBRL taxonomies for the fiscal environment including banks and Italian companies. In 2014 we extended our competence to the domain of Disclosure Management and realized several projects in the UK, in the US and in India. We’re actually engaged in the realization of new projects with SAP software BPC 4/HANA, SAP Disclosure Management rel. 10.1.


AMANA Switzerland LLC

AMANA Switzerland LLC is the first foreign subsidiary of AMANA Consulting GmbH and is the direct contact of customers in Switzerland in the areas of tax and financial processes.



The Foreign Banks System MULTIBANK of PASS CONSULTING GROUP is a user-oriented core banks system for private and foreign banks. It involves modular support on the proven basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV® for the specific requirements and complex processes of a bank: From currency accounting via the branch system and regulatory reporting to international business including foreign balance sheets. The intelligently designed foreign banks system adapts to changing circumstances on an ongoing basis and also guarantees connection to the PASS in-house system or an external account evidence center in accordance with § 24c of the German Banking Act. For FINREP-|COREP reporting the AMANA XBRL processor is used.


WTS Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

WTS is a global tax consulting firm that intentionally differentiates itself by not providing audit services. Related legal advice and comprehensive financial advisory complete its service offering. With more than 1,000 WTS employees, the consulting firm develops innovative and tailor-made solutions for its clients. In accordance with its motto "Pioneers in Tax", WTS is setting standards in the digitalization of tax functions, with a focus on the optimal use of IT solutions.

As a long-standing, AMANA strategic cooperation partner, WTS offers its clients not only the seamless implementation and integration of the AMANA suite into the client´s internal IT landscape, but also the sustainable technical and professional operation of the tools via Software as a Service (Saas). WTS´s portfolio contains a range of implementation projects from global full scope projects for large corporations, to smaller projects for local organizations. The SaaS packages offer a range of service from simple hosting and technical support, to the technical operation of the AMANA solution. This includes Master Data management, interfaces and quality assurance of AMANA processes at national and international level, as well as the further development of the application.

In the contet of Business Partnering, where WTS represents group tax functions either completely or in part, the tax consulting company is the largest operational user of AMANA tax tools. As a key development partner, WTS contributes its wide range of practical experience to the professional further development of the AMANA suite.

WTS is represented in more than 100 countries, at ten different locations in Germany, and worldwird via the WTS Global international network. Commercial services are provided by WTS ITAX GmbH.



FAS AG, as a member of the WTS Group, is an independent, innovative solution provider for target-oriented consulting in finance and accounting, active operational support and efficient outsourcing of corporate finance functions as well as for valuation purposes and transaction processes.

FAS's clients include companies from all sectors, from software and medical technology to manufacturing companies and financial service providers. FAS is familiar with a wide variety of structures, from medium-sized companies to listed major corporations. Its experts combine high professional competence with drive, effectiveness and speed.

FAS supports AMANA Consulting as a professional partner in the planning and implementation of AMANA SmartNotes projects and especially in projects within the implementation of the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) with the AMANA XBRL tagger. AMANA Consulting and the FAS also regularly offer joint professional events and webinars.

FAS is headquartered in Stuttgart with further offices in Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Hanover, Zurich and Vienna.


AMANA treuhand GmbH

AMANA treuhand GmbH is a dynamic and innovative audit and tax consulting company, which is specialized on supporting of the development and deployment of IT solution for tax, accounting and controlling. The added value is their connected thinking from tax and accounting to process and system expertise.


XBRL Deutschland e.V.

The association has set itself the task of developing and supporting the taxonomy for the scope of the German accounting law (based on commercial law, Companies Act, and other relevant laws and regulations, including the standards of ASCG) to develop the taxonomy and provide support. The Association supports a number of important projects that provide partial requirements for the use of XBRL in Germany and to a certain extent promote the efficient use of XBRL. The Commercial Code taxonomy, developed by XBRL Germany, is the basis for the taxonomy used by tax authorities for the transfer of the electronic balance sheet. AMANA is a member of the strategic advisory board.


Bundesverband Deutscher Leasing-Unternehmen

The Federal Association of German Leasing Companies (BDL) is the Berlin-based umbrella organization that represents the interests of the German leasing sector. The leasing companies generate 47.9 billion Euros worth of investment business in 2013. 52 percent of all externally financed investments, and 23.1 percent of overall investments in machinery and equipment, are made through leasing agreements. In fifty years, leasing in Germany has established itself as the number-one investment tool in all branches of industry and commerce, and, in particular, in the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector.


XBRL Schweiz e.V.

XBRL International is a global nonprofit association with the aim of improving the accountability and transparency of business reporting with the XBRL standard for the general public. As part of this organization, XBRL CH supports this objective within Switzerland. In addition to improving the efficiency and standardisation of accounting and reporting, the association is concerned with the dissemination of XBRL in Switzerland. This includes both the classic XBRL software and the iXBRL format, which will be mandatory for all issuers on EU regulated markets at 2020.

Our XBRL product manager Richard Bössen is a member of the board of XBRL Switzerland.


Law in Practice GmbH (LIP)

“Law and Tax –  clearly explained, easily applied“. Under this motto, the Düsseldorf based Law in Practice GmbH (LIP)offers innovative E-Learnings on different legal and tax topics. Aim is to provide practitioners an easy access to complex legal and tax aspects. LIP particularly developed VAT Online courses specially designed for „Non-Professionals“, for example in sourcing, sales and accounting departments - an ideal addition to our VAT@GTC Software.

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