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Many EU countries are making their VAT compliance requirements more rigorous, with digital/electronic advance VAT returns now mandatory for organizations in most member states. Affected companies are therefore intensifying their focus on how to automate, validate and digtalize the VAT processes.

VAT@GTC is the intelligent solution for your VAT Compliance process. Intuituve design, cosolidation of intercompany VAT groups, numerous validations and reconciliation at summary and document level, not to mention a practical automatic follow-up reminder function. For all your ES subsidiaries - at home and abroad.

The three VAT@GTC modules:

  • Core (Germany)
  • EU International
  • VAT Audit / Document Level

The modules of the VAT software provide an efficient tool for generation, submitting and analyzing your group-wide VAT data.

All in one VAT compliance software
All in one VAT compliance software

VAT@GTC Core - standardized, automated, digitalized

VAT@GTC gives you control over the handling of your company´s VAT right from the outset, whether in your main country or anywhere else in the EU or Switzerland. Recurring processes in all VAT-related matters are standardized and automated; efficiency and quality are significantly enhanced, while risks are reduced to a minimum.

Data is automatically loaded from your ERP system - in particular SAP - straight into the VAT@GTC (the same process for all relevant countries) without drawbacks of media discontinuity. Posting data can even be processed at document level, if you wish. Automatic validations, including a sales tax validation, give you peace of mind and ensure the quality of your records.

VAT software - process
VAT software - process

Automatic aggregation of VAT returns

Advance returns and summary statements are generated in the VAT@GTC itself. Simple and straightforward status dialogues coupled with our new design give you absolute clarity over the VAT groups and stand-alone companies within the corporate group. The follow-up reminder feature also allows you to track any corrections in detail. The Transfer Client ensures smooth and easy submission of your VAT return and, if you wish, your electronic balance sheet or corporation and trading tax returns to the tax authority as well.

Automatic yearly VAT return generation

Save considerable time on your annual VAT return. Based on all the intrayear data and modifications it has collected, the VAT@GTC is able to generate a complete yearly tax return fully automatically. Thanks to a completeness check and numerous analysis reports, the system carries out a final review by comparing the values in the annual return with those in the intrayear advance returns and the accounts.

A digital, standardized process for the corporate group

As a web platform, the VAT@GTC offers you the option of moving tasks to a shared service center (SCC). Use its extensive authorization settings to assign or limit access to certain views and functions.

VAT ID Check - integrated

Take advantage of additional functions like the VAT ID Check. Carry out simple or detailed checks of the VAT ID numbers and addresses stored in your customer master data, with either the central tax authority of your country or the European VIES. All search requests are recorded and presented clearly - providing a convenient reference for quick fixes and legal documentation requirements.

VAT@GTC EU International module - a standardized process across the corporate group

Use VAT@GTC for VAT matters in your main country and in all other EU member states. Establish an automated, standard process that can be applied group-wide. With our VAT Software it´s even possible to execute and control processes in other EU member states. Forms can be modified even when the system is in use. Our VAT software supports country-specific forms and processes, and enables you to submit VAT data electronically in any EU country. You have the same workflow control, reporting and range of controlling functions at your disposal as for your main country.

Making Tax Digital

Making tax digital - VAT returns in the UK
Making tax digital - VAT returns in the UK

Due to the British government´s Making Tax Digital (MTD) Initiative, as of 1 April 2019 UK VAT returns must be submitted to HMRC in digital form. AMANA is among the commercial software providers listed on the HMRC webpage whose VAT software already fulfills the requirements for Digital Link, which comes into force on 1 April 2020.

VAT Audit - validation at document level

You can use the VAT Audit module for tax determination, to enhance posting accuracy in the ERP system, and to streamline processes. It allows you to analyze large quantities of data and documents from SAP, to correct VAT-releated entries and to track any corrections. The advantages are clear:

  • Quick and effective demarcation of entries to be verified
  • Easy identification of implausible entries through standardized and customized validation rules for bulk data
  • Time savings thanks to a reduction in cross-period corrections and corrections to advance returns
  • Transparency thanks to live SAP connection
  • Enhanced data quality in SAP and advance VAT returns

The same process is applied in VAT Audit as in the Core module. Relevant data are accessed straight from the SAP database tables via AMANA DataGate, an SAP ABAP. These are then stored in VAT Audit for analysis purposes. It´s up to you which data is provided for analysis purposes: Scope and data type can be configured according to your own preferences.

Run the system´s standard validation routines and any additional customized checks over your defined data quantity. The results are presented to you in a single graphic, to be forwarded to other staff as needed. Automatic emails serve as a follow-up reminder.

VAT Audit
VAT Audit

All evaluations and analyses can be carried out at several levels and periods. All data requests are stamped with a time and user name, so all corrections are tracked and documented. A closed workflow provides the assurance that nothing can be forgotten. The result is visual clarity and enhanced data transparency, which in turn means fewer corrections and, ultimately, excellent quality. - Validate your records before the auditors arrive!

Summary of VAT@GTC´s main features:

  • EU-wide, fully digital VAT management
  • Convenient generation and execution of VAT compliance processes:
    • advance VAT returns
    • yearly VAT returns
    • summary statements
    • permanent extensions
  • Automatic creation of yearly VAT returns
  • Reconciliation of master data with your ERP system
  • Link to ActivateDirectories | supports single sign-on (SSO)
  • Automatic data flow all the way to the tax authority
  • Enhanced quality thanks to automatic checks and validations by the system
  • Data analysis, correction and tracking at document level (VAT Audit)
  • Peace of mind thanks to schedule review
  • Workflow control by the system right through to four- or even six-eyes principle
  • Tracking of corrections thanks to follow-up reminder function, link to transactions
  • Automatic VAT group consolidation at the touch of a button
  • Full transparency by means of targeted monitoring, either centralized or decentralized, using the latest web technologies
  • Tracking capability due to comprehensive documentation and historization
  • Outstanding and flexible reporting
  • Support for VAT testing
  • Easy verification of VAT ID numbers using VAT ID Check
  • Ideal as a complement to the AMANA tax portal, GlobalTaxCenter

VAT@GTC empowers you by providing a comprehensive overview and exceptional transparency of all VAT-related activite across your corporate group.

Curios? Find out more from our downloads and contact us! Or check out our free online webinars.

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