XBRL stands for ...

... „eXtensible Business Reporting Language“. This is a freely available electronic language used for internal and external financial reporting, and so exchange of information.

XBRL poses a challenge to all the participants:

  • Regulators who prescribe the XBRL format for reporting,
  • Companies that have to report in XBRL,
  • Software producers who want to integrate XBRL into existing software solutions.

AMANA has substantial and longstanding experience in the field of XBRL report creation and XBRL application development in particular.

With its XBRL Engine AMANA offers a standalone XBRL processor. This software is already used by more than 100 companies.

AMANA XBRL Engine implements the following XBRL specifications:

  • XBRL Specification 2.1
  • XBRL Dimension Specification 1.0
  • XBRL Formula Specification 1.0
  • XBRL Table Linkbase Specification 1.0

The proper functioning of AMANA XBRL Engine is ensured by the so-called „XBRL Conformance Test Suites“ (a compilation of tests).

The AMANA XBRL Engine offers a stable API that enables a quick and easy integration in any third party solutions. On the one hand, the processor is so generic that it supports all known application cases. On the other hand, there are available pre-assembled GUI-Controls and Plug-Ins for special taxonomies.

Using AMANA XBRL Engine you can make your existing software solutions XBRL-capable. AMANA offers you assistance of our experienced XBRL application developers integrating the engine in your own applications. AMANA also offers trainings „Working with the XBRL Engine“.

The following AMANA end-user solutions use the AMANA XBRL Engine:

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