Reporting with the AMANA XBRL Engine

The AMANA XBRL engine is one of the few certified producers of "Report consumption" software worldwide.

We are XBRL experts!

With the "eXtensible Business Reporting Language" format regulatory authorities all over the world are increasing the requirements for electronic reporting. Our XBRL Engine creates high-quality reports for all existing taxonomies quickly and validly! The tested and guaranteed correct and complete validation is used by various regulatory authorities to control supervised companies. The slim and extremely high-performance programming API allows a smooth integration into existing systems for the creation, validation and evaluation of XBRL reports.

Your advantages with AMANA:

  • XBRL certified software
  • Compatible with any taxonomy
  • Fast and memory-saving processing
  • Complete validation
  • Efficient integration
  • Simple API


The AMANA XBRL Engine is developed in Microsoft´s.NET Framework and thus offers various possibilities for recognizing, validation and creation XBRL instances and taxonomies. Numerous plug-ins allow easy application of analyses, Excel reports and GUI components in desktop and online applications. The generic approach means that any valid taxonomy can be processed directly in the software without modification.

The individual specifications in the overview:

  • XBRL Specification 2.1
  • XBRL Dimension Specification 1.0
  • Generic Links, Labels, References 1.0
  • Form 1.0
  • XBRL Table Linkbase Specification 1.0
  • XBRL Taxonomy Packages 1.0
  • Inline XBRL 1.1
  • Filing Rules Validator (EIOPA, EBA, SEC, FCA, ESEF, CIPC, etc.)

Easy integration

For developers, the XBRL Engine saves hundreds of development days because creating or validating an XBRL file requires only a few lines of code:

Creating XBRL reports

New XBRL taxonomies often lead to problems when creating XBRL reports. The engine provides comprehensive, easy-to-use tools that fulfil the demanding requirements of XBRL standards. Through our many years of experience with the XBRL specifications, we have developed a generic XBRL processor that can quickly and transparently create valid XBRL reports based on all taxonomies, whether ESEF, IFRS, GAAP and many more.

Regulatory compliance

The latest requirements from SEC, HMRC, EBA, EIOPA and other regulators need to be implemented quickly and easily for XBRL to provide a real benefit. The user needs a high level of expertise to comply with all aspects of the XBRL specification. With the XBRL Engine, AMANA has a platform that simplifies the process and, through its user-friendliness, ensures that XBRL reports are created with the least possible effort. At the same time, the use of supervisory authorities such as the Liechtenstein FMA, Czech CNB and FCA in London testifies to the quality of the XBRL Engine as software for receiving and evaluating XBRL reports.

ESEF and iXBRL solution

The European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) will be set new requirements for annual reporting 2020. The mandatory iXBRL and XHTML format as well as the latest taxonomies can be implemented with the XBRL Engine. Through integration with the AMANA XBRL Tagger and SmartNotes, annual reports are created consistently and in a user-friendly way.

The Engine is used in the following AMANA products:

XBRL certified software

Since November 2017, the AMANA XBRL Engine has successfully passed the audit of XBRL International, and is now officially considered as “XBRL Certified Software”. Thanks to the certification, users can now be sure that it is compliant and works correctly with any XBRL taxonomy. The AMANA XBRL Engine is one of the first certified software solutions worldwide.

Success stories

A major German bank

A major German bank uses the AMANA XBRL Engine to generate its FINREP/COREP reports. AMANA has developed a web service (‘XBRL Bridge’) that can import data from the ‘Financial Data Warehouse’ (Oracle database) in order to generate XBRL instances from them. In addition, the instances can be validated (XBRL Formula Validation + Custom Validation) and visualised (Excel reports). The XBRL Bridge of Deutsche Bank is accessed via a web-based interface (Java). Currently over 80 users work with our solution.

To date, hundreds of FINREP|COREP|AE instances have been transmitted using the XBRL Bridge by all European group entities. Among the recipients of the XBRL reports is the Bundesbank as well as the FCA in the UK, the Banco de Portugal and others.

Deutsche Bank was the first bank in Europe to submit the reports on time. We worked closely with the authorities to optimise the new process. The ECB referred explicitly to the largest XBRL report submitted by the Deutsche Bank in November 2014 – because it overtaxed the undersized systems of the ECB.

PASS Consulting

MULTIBANK is a foreign banking system of the PASS Consulting Group; it is a user-oriented core banking system for private banks and foreign banks. Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV®, it provides modular support for the specific requirements and complex processes of a bank. The AMANA XBRL Engine is used for FINREP|COREP reports.

By integrating the AMANA XBRL Engine ‘invisibly’ in the core banking software, PASS Consulting offers its clients a perfect ‘in-house’ solution. Over 20 banks have implemented the PASS core banking software today, using our processor to send their monthly and other required European XBRL reports.

We played a coaching role for the PASS Consulting employees responsible for the client implementations. Thanks to this multiplier effect our product was quickly adopted by many banks.

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