The AMANA XBRL Portal is a web application for creation, managing, visualising and analysis of XBRL filings. The Portal can be used by groups for central XBRL creation and analysis as well as regulators for collection and analysis of supervised companies. In addition, small banks and insurance companies can use the AMANA XBRL Portal online for COREP or Solvency II reporting (as alternative to EIOPA T4U). The XBRL Portal is available under Get registered and experience diverse practical functions of our XBRL Portal.

The Portal is based on a real XBRL Engine and can use every taxonomy without changes to the software. Furthermore, the following filings are created by our clients using the XBRL Portal and its predecessor ‘EUROFILER’:

  • FINREP (IFRS and Local GAAP, e.g. HGB)
    • Own Funds and Leverage
    • Large Exposures (LE)
    • Stable Funding (NSFR)
    • Liquidity Coverage [LCR)
    • Additional Liquidity Monitoring metrics (ALM)
  • Asset Encumbrance (AE)
  • Funding Plans (FP)
  • Benchmarking portfolio assessment (SBP)
  • Solvency II QRT’s
  • Financial and Internal Capital Adequacy Information Regulation reports (FinaV, FinaRisikoV)


  • Management of entities and XBRL taxonomies
  • Interfaces to various source systems (e.g. SAP, BW, IBM TM1, relational databases, flat files) for data flow automation.
  • Manual creation of XBRL filings.
  • Correction of imported reporting data, incl. a full audit trail.
  • Filing forwarding webservice interfaces, performance processing by simple scaling of processing servers.
  • Management of reporting requirements allows for generating or receiving a certain XBRL filing from a financial intermediary at a specific due date, using a specified taxonomy.
  • Integrated XBRL validation and workflow management for filings, e.g. only valid data can be forwarded or processed.
  • Flexible KPI definition and XBRL data query for report analysis using annual comparison charts and performance charts for several entities.
  • Excel reports and powerful web XBRL editor.
  • Filing forwarding to European regulators such as Bundesbank, EBA and EIOPA.
  • A special Portal function for FINREP HGB: ‘required fields’ defined by Bundesbank and their impacts on validation rules can be analysed by means of special reports.

Success stories

Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein

Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein uses the XBRL Portal to manage and analyse XBRL filings for around 50 Liechtenstein banks and insurance companies.

The Portal is used for filing, validation, visualisation and submission of XBRL instances to European regulators EIOPA and EBA.

HUK-COBURG and Stuttgarter Versicherung

Both insurance companies are using the XBRL Portal to generate their Solvency II QRT reports.

To facilitate the import of data from existing systems HUK COBURG uses a file upload to use data from IBM’s financial reporting tool TM1, while the Stuttgarter Versicherung imports data from SAP BW via RFC interface. All datapoints are be automatically mapped to the QRTs and validated according to the EIOPA taxonomy.

The XBRL Portal can easily import new EIOPA taxonomies with the click of a button. Because of its generic approach no new tool version is required. The Portal reads all reporting templates and validations rules (DPM) automatically from any taxonomy. The Stuttgarter Versicherung uses the XBRL Portal in the Cloud, while HUK COBURG decided to run the application on premise on their own server infrastructure.

QRT filings generated by HUK Coburg AG and Stuttgarter Versicherung were the first valid XBRL instances in Germany to be submitted to BaFin.

The XBRL Portal is used by many other banking and insurance companies around Europe, including:

  • ASPECTA Insurance
  • Generali (Österreich & Ungarn)
  • Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung
  • ICM InvestmentBank AG
  • LBBW
  • Lietuvos Draudimas
  • Liechtenstein Life
  • Raiffeisenbank Gammesfeld
  • Skandia
  • TEBA Kreditbank
  • Vienna Insurance Group (VIG)


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