Our web-based XBRL portal is the solution for integrated XBRL reporting. The AMANA XBRL Portal is a web application for creation, managing, visualising and analysis of XBRL filings. The integrated AMANA XBRL engine can use any taxonomy directly in the software and comply with any XBRL standard. The generic approach ensures that new taxonomies are supported without additional effort. The browser-based cloud solution allows XBRL instance creation worldwide without any extra installation of the software.
Create an XBRL report for free - AMANA XBRL Portal!

Benefits with the AMANA XBRL Portal

  • XBRL certified software
  • Compliance with any XBRL taxonomies
  • Fast application of taxonomie without modification the software
  • Complete Validations
  • Visualization and input in the familiar Excel environment
  • Full-Audit-Trail

XBRL portal for all sectors

XBRL Portal companies


  • Provision of the iXBRL-Tagger for the requirements ESEF, SEC IFRS, HGB, CIPC, SBR and source formats - Word, InDesign, PDF, XHTML
  • Country-by-Country Reporting-converter
  • Word-to-eBanz (Federal Gazette)-converter and to-inDesign-converter
  • Word-to-inDesign-converter
XBRL Portal banking sector

Banking sector

  • CRD VI: FINREP & COREP (incl. large exposure) - Create and validate messages (incl. cross-framework)
  • 100% validation rules of the supervisory authorities (Federal bank, FCA, ECB, EBA etc.) easy to understand
  • Convert Liablility Data Report (LDR) and MREL via Excel (SRB)
  • MIFID/MIFIR Excel to transaction message converter
  • AnaCredit Excel to SDMX/XML converter
XBRL Portal insurances

Insurance companies

  • Solvency II QRT Reporting
  • Validation rules of EIOPA and BaFin incl. Filing Rules
  • Direct dispatch via MVP portal to BaFin
XBRL Portal supervisory

Supervisory authority

  • Management of XBRL reports
  • Web service interfaces and integrated BI databases
  • Custom validation rules
  • Key performance indicators
  • On-premise-hosting
XBRL Portal pension funds

Pension funds

  • Simple Excel-to-XBRL-converter from templates
  • Validation rules of EIOPA and BaFIN
  • Excel-to-XML-converter for small detectors
  • Very low costs for small industries
XBRL Portal developer


  • C# or Web Service API for integration into existing software
  • All specifications are implemented and officialy certified
  • Rapid validation of large XBRL instances with multi-threading
  • Moderate memory consumption
  • 64-bit compatible

Features of the AMANA XBRL Portal

  • Generation of XBRL instances based on current and historical taxonomies
  • AMANA certified engine ensures compliance with official XBRL standards and support for new taxonomies without additional programming effort
  • Tracking every change with the full audit trail
  • Creation of own "Custom Validation Rules" in pre-quality-checks
  • Direct visualization in the Excel template
  • Data input via Excel-like web editor or upload of filled visualizations
  • Upload from existing XBRL instances
  • Convenient message forwarding of XBRL messages to BaFin
  • Data import from numerous sources - SimCorp Dimension, SAP BW, Excel, CSV, LucaNet, etc.
  • Compliance with the File Naming Conventions required by EBA/EIOPA
  • Flexible taxonomy management - easy adding of taxonomies via the AMANA taxonomy cache
  • Flexible user management with differentiated role allocation
  • Automatic export to associated SQL Server databases
  • Multi-User-Mode - parallel processing of an XBRL message
  • Complete mapping of the internal workflow
  • Differentiated entity management

Success stories

Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein

Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein uses the XBRL Portal to manage and analyse XBRL filings for around 50 Liechtenstein banks and insurance companies.

The Portal is used for filing, validation, visualisation and submission of XBRL instances to European regulators EIOPA and EBA.

HUK-COBURG and Stuttgarter Versicherung

Both insurance companies are using the XBRL Portal to generate their Solvency II QRT reports.

To facilitate the import of data from existing systems HUK COBURG uses a file upload to use data from IBM’s financial reporting tool TM1, while the Stuttgarter Versicherung imports data from SAP BW via RFC interface. All datapoints are be automatically mapped to the QRTs and validated according to the EIOPA taxonomy.

The XBRL Portal can easily import new EIOPA taxonomies with the click of a button. Because of its generic approach no new tool version is required. The Portal reads all reporting templates and validations rules (DPM) automatically from any taxonomy. The Stuttgarter Versicherung uses the XBRL Portal in the Cloud, while HUK COBURG decided to run the application on premise on their own server infrastructure.

QRT filings generated by HUK Coburg AG and Stuttgarter Versicherung were the first valid XBRL instances in Germany to be submitted to BaFin.

The XBRL Portal is used by many other banking and insurance companies around Europe, including:

  • ASPECTA Insurance
  • Generali (Österreich & Ungarn)
  • Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung
  • ICM InvestmentBank AG
  • LBBW
  • Lietuvos Draudimas
  • Liechtenstein Life
  • Raiffeisenbank Gammesfeld
  • Skandia
  • TEBA Kreditbank
  • Vienna Insurance Group (VIG)
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