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... successful business throughout the year. You have placed innovative products in the markets. You won new clients and made your money. And now you‘ve got the challenge to prepare your financial report.

Overview of the Disclosure Management System SmartNotes features:

  • Interfaces: SmartNotes can import the figures from all common consolidation and ERP systems. The tables, diagrams and even individual figures contained in the text can be filed automatically.
  • Figures management: SmartNotes automatically fills the numbers in your report and even displays the chances of numbers. So you always have an overview of which parts of the reports need to be checked due to a new data import or a manual intervention. Freely definable validation rules show data inconsistencies directly in the SmartNotes "Cockpit".
  • Role concept: The SmartNotes rights and roles concept covers the requirements of customers of all sizes: For medium-sized customers, 3-5 people, in extreme cases up to 250 users distributed worldwide, work on the creation of the annual report. This is made possible by a sophisticated rights and role concept with which access to the report components can be controlled.
  • Workflow: In our Disclosure Management System, you can define the reporting workflow yourself: From the simple four-eyes principle to highly complex processes.
  • Integrated XBRL processor: Our generic AMANA XBRL engine allows the processing of any taxonomy, e.g. IFRS, HGB, US-GAAP, ESEF.
  • Print-ready reports: You can create a print-ready layout directly from SmartNotes on the basis of Microsoft WORD.
  • Similar reports: With the "Factory" functions, you can inherit content from master documents to sub-documents and cleverly reuse similar text modules. For example, individual financial statements or risk reports can be produced "on the assembly line".

Business reports in ESEF and iXBRL with our Disclosure Management System

Due to the new requirements of the European Securities Markets and Authority (ESMA), all listed and IFRS accounting companies in Europe will be obliged to prepare annual reports in Inline XBRL and XHTML from 2020. The Disclosure Management System SmartNotes is integrated with our certified software and processes all XBRL taxonomies correctly. The iXBRL and XHTML formats that are mandatory for ESEF are also created quickly and reliably.

Integrate SmartNotes into the annual report creation process

Regarding content and formality, information has to be one hundred percent correct and consistent in compliance with the regulations. Additionally changes need to be included and validated in the running process, sometimes even shortly before your publication. So preparing a financial report takes a lot of efforts. Our Disclosure Management SmartNotes provides you with the possibility to minimise them.

Starting with the data import, adapting data and text and preparing the final report. All the time consuming and manual work will be done by SmartNotes, so that you can concentrate on what‘s really important: doing business.

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