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Annual financial reports are subject to various internal and external constraints and regulations that, for most companies, make report preparation a laborious procedure. Our leading disclosure management tool, SmartNotes, on the other hand, automates much of the manual work normally involved in report creation, significantly speeding up the process - with the long-term, positiv results. SmartNotes will empower you to reduce deadline pressure, minimize the risko of inaccuracies, improve data quality and even customize your report layouts!

Overview of the benefits that AMANA and SmartNotes can deliver four your business:

1. Quicker report creation
Automated processes allow reports to be generated and processed simultaneously, removing the need for time-conumsing searching and cross-checking, saving you time, money and virtually eliminating the risk of human error.

2. Maximum transparency and high quality
Thanks to the direct connection to your source systems, as well as an integrated commenting function and full audit trail, every step of the process is traceable - improving the quality of your data.

3. Process optimization
Each function in SmartNotes is programmed for the purpose of streamlining the report procedure, making annual report drafting a manageable and satisfying task.

4. Minimum potential for inaccuracies
By applying the four-eyes principle and reducing the proportion of manual tasks, the probability of errors finding their way into your reports is cut on to an absolute minimum.

5. User-friendly interface
Integration of Microsoft Office allows users to edit texts and charts in a familiar environment.

6. Customized design with the Layout Robot
Our Layout Robot will customize your annual report according to your company´s specific preferences, providing you with a print-ready version generated directly from SmartNotes - removing the need for third-party services.

7. 100% content accuracy and legally compliant reports
The integrated disclosure checklist and/or IFRS taxonomy ensure not only the accuracy of your annual report, but also save you effort, resources and time.

SmartNotes disclosure management - benefit from the experts

Inconsistencies, laborious and complicated procedures, a lack of transparency, the time-consuming nature of annual report preparation - these are problems a lot of companies mention. Take advantage of our longstanding expertise and the efficiency of the SmartNotes solution to produce professional annual and iXBRL reports, while fulfilling all the legal requirements. From the initial data import, through subsequent correction updates, to the finished report in a print-ready layout, our disclosure management system takes care of every stage of the complex process within a single system.

Our SmartNotes features in more detail:

  • End-to-end process
    From the initial data import, through subsequent correction updates, to be finished print-ready annual report - a solution that meets all requirements.

  • Reduction of manual tasks
    Automated value importing, rounding assistants, roll-forward and numerous other functions cut the potential for human error to a minimum, as well as significantly speeding up the report preparation process.

  • Flexible interfaces
    SmartNotes allows you to import figures from all common consolidation and ERP systems, including SAP, LucaNet, HFM, Cognos and many more. Any charts, diagrams and even individual figures contained in the text are automatically filled in.

  • Number management
    Whenever data is imported, SmartNotes displays a list of any chapters containing modified values. This allows the user to see at a glance which parts of the report require manual revision. Validation rules can be adjusted according to context, and any data inconsistencies are then highlighted on the dashboard.

  • Simultaneous editing
    By subdiving the financial report into "snippets", several users can collaborate on a report at the same time. At the push of a button, the individual parts are then joined together to make the complete report.

  • Revision concept and multinlingual capability
    Thanks to the integrated roles and authorizations function, access to the various report components can be authorized on a person-by-person basis. From SMBs to global corporations, SmartNotes caters for customers of all sizes.

  • Workflow
    Define the workflows for your annual report preparation with SmartNotes yourself: From the simple four-eyes principle to highly complex procedures, each and every aspect can be defined according to your company´s specific requirements. This puts you in a position to predict and effectively avoid or resolve bottlenecks. By documenting every individual step of the workflow, individual tasks are clear for everyone involved but also for third parties.

  • ESEF reporting / integrated XBRL processor
    Our generic and certified AMANA XBRL Engine supports the editing of any number of taxonomies. SmartNotes not only ensures that your reports comply with the new European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) regulations, but also helps you to prepare your SEC filings and any other local GAAP reports in XBRL format (e.g. UK GAAP) with ease.

  • Print-ready layout
    The integrated Layout Robot produces a high-resolution layout within the system. Your reports can be printed straight out of SmartNotes without having to rely on a graphic designer to put into InDesign for you.

  • Identical report types
    Using the "factory" function you can transfer content from master to sub-documents and re-use identical text blocks for efficiency. For example, separate financial statements or risk reports can be produced in an assembly line fashion.

  • Roll-forward
    All content from the annual report of previois years is automatically rolled forward and updated. Imported values, rounding adjustments and tags remain unchanged and texts are immediately ready for editing and comments.

  • Validations and rounding of imported data
    Every time new data is imported from the source system SmartNotes validates it for consistency. It instantly detects correlations between different report sections and using the integrated rounding functionality, quickly deals with any inconsistencies.

  • Several output formats
    XBRL, iXBRL, XHTML, PDF, InDesign, HTML, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and eBanz

Annual reports in 2020 - comply with ESEF and iXBRL using SmartNotes

The new European Single Electronic Format directive requires that all listed companies and issuers subject to IFRS standards from 2020, prepare their annual reports in iXBRL (Inline XBRL) and XHTML format. SmartNotes is equipped with our XBRL-certified software and supports all XBRL and IFRS taxonomies, making it a fast and reliable ESEF tool for accurate and compliant reporting.

Download a free trial (from Version 7.4 onwards) and discover for yoursefel SmartNotes broad functionality and efficiency in compliance with ESEF requirements. Find out more.

Ready-to-print reports with your corporate design

The integrated Layout Robot prepares high-resolution, print-ready reports in Word and PowerPoint, doing away with third-party services. Many well-known customers trust in our solution to produce their annual report as a professional, high-quality pdf in their corporate design. See for yourself here:

Starting with the data import, adapting data and text and preparing the final report. All the time consuming and manual work will be done by SmartNotes, so that you can concentrate on what‘s really important: doing business.

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